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JIMMY HAYWARD’s (Director) background in animation is as deep and varied as the projects he’s been a part of. His feature film directorial debut, a CG adaptation of Dr. Seuss’ beloved Horton Hears a Who! is the second Blue Sky Studios picture of which he’s been a part. Hayward joined Blue Sky’s “Robots” as a writer and story consultant, also providing additional direction.

Hayward landed his first job on the small screen, serving as a senior animator on ABC’s “Reboot,” the first-ever CG television show.

Before joining Blue Sky Studios, Hayward was a member of the team at Pixar Animation Studios. Hayward’s work with the company began with its debut feature, “Toy Story,” on which he was an animator. He continued with Pixar through “Toy Story 2,” working with director Ash Brannon on story development. As the picture neared production, Hayward pieced together and subsequently supervised the animation team, through the film’s initial stages. He remained on “Toy Story 2” as an animator, also serving in that capacity on Pixar’s “A Bug’s Life,” “Monsters Inc.” and “Finding Nemo.”

While honing his own ability at Pixar, Hayward found he had a talent for teaching. He channeled this skill into Pixar University, where he put together and taught a program meant to shape traditional and stop motion artists into Pixar animators. Hayward also taught animation at the San Francisco Academy of Art’s Pixar Program. There, he designed and taught a Pixar-sponsored degree in animation and story for seven years.

In addition to his studio-based success, Hayward has found a market for his personal projects as well. “Chumps,” a show he co-created, was sold into development at MTV Networks, where he wrote the first season and directed pilot tests. At MTV, Hayward continued to work as a scribe, rewriting pilots and aiding in development on “Mulletheads” and “The Ready, Set Go! Kids.”


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