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STEVE MARTINO (Director) is a pioneer in the field of computer animation. He has been working in this arena since 1981 as both a designer and director of animation. After receiving his undergraduate degree in graphic design, Martino commenced his graduate work in computer animation at The Ohio State University’s Computer Graphics Research Group. This was the first program of its kind to place artists with computer scientists in a collaborative environment to develop new methods for creating animation. Martino received his Masters degree from this program, where he completed his thesis work on designing and storyboarding for computer animation.

Martino was on the frontier of the blossoming CGI industry when he joined Cranston/Csuri Productions in 1983, where he designed, animated and produced computer animation solutions for such clients as ABC, CBS, NBC, HBO, and ESPN. Martino’s design and animation work led to his personal recognition and the studios garnering of awards from the Broadcast Designers Association, The International Monitor Awards, and numerous film festivals.

In 1987 the computer animation industry exploded with major advancements in technology and rapid growth in production. Martino took this opportunity to move to Los Angeles and help start MetroLight Studios, which gained a reputation for award winning design, visual effects and computer animation. With Martino as one of the principal creative directors, MetroLight won an Academy Award in 1991 for visual effects on “Total Recall.” That same year, Martino won a Primetime Emmy Award for his design and direction for the main title sequence of ABC’s “World of Discovery.” During his tenure at MetroLight, Martino directed animation for commercials, film and broadcast, which enabled the studio to push the CG boundaries by pioneering technologies in motion capture and the integration of animation with live action.

Driven by a desire to develop and produce original content Martino joined 7th Level Studios in 1994 as the vice president of creative, where he developed entertainment and educational properties for the interactive marketplace. Martino’s work with Howie Mandel on the “Lil’ Howie’s Fun House” series, and his collaboration with Terry Gilliam and Eric Idle on “Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail” and “Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life” netted awards and recognition in the field of interactive entertainment.

In 1997 Martino helped start a second studio, Click 3X LA, where he was a partner and animation director. Click 3X LA gained a reputation for the design and production of visual effects and animation for television, theatrical and Imax films. With a focus and passion for character animation Martino directed commercials for clients that ranged from Toyota to Terminix. His leadership culminated with his animation direction on a made-for-TV movie that combined a host of animated characters, including a 10foot troll, into the live action film. Martino creatively supervised all aspects of the production with his 40-person crew, from modeling and animation through lighting and final compositing.

Martino came to Blue Sky Studios in 2002 as the art director for the feature film “Robots,” collaborating with Chris Wedge and William Joyce to create the picture’s wholly imagined, whimsical world.

Martino was an integral part in the promotion of “Robots,” through his directing a public service announcement with the film’s characters. He traveled the globe presenting the film to press, participating in an unprecedented post-release press junket focusing purely on the visuals Martino helped to create for the film.

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