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MATHIEU KASSOVITZ (Director-Writer) is one of the leading filmmakers to emerge from France in the last ten years. He is perhaps best known as the writer/director of the acclaimed French drama "Hate” ("La Haine”), which, in 1995, garnered the French Cesar Awards for Best Screenplay and Best Editing and won Kassovitz the Best Director prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

His American directorial debut was the thriller "Gothika,” starring Halle Berry. Kassovitz wrote, directed and starred in his first feature film, "Café Au Lait” (Metisse), and also wrote and directed the provocative "Assassin(s),” in which he co-starred with Michel Serrault. Kassovitz's "The Crimson Rivers,” starring Jean Reno and Vincent Cassell, has grossed fifty million dollars worldwide.

As an actor, Kassovitz has been equally prolific and successful. He had a leading role in director Steven Spielberg's acclaimed drama "Munich.” He won the Best Young Actor Cesar for his performance in director Jacques Audiard's "Regarde les hommes tomber” ("See How They Fall”). He also appeared in Audiard's "Un heros tres discret” ("A Self-Made Hero”).

Kassovitz received a Cesar nomination for Best Actor for his portrayal of a conflicted priest in Costa-Gravas' Holocaust drama "Amen.” His other film credits include Luc Besson's "The Fifth Element”; his father Peter Kassovitz's "Jakob the Liar” and "Room for Tomorrow,” in which he made his on-screen debut; Jez Butterworth's "Birthday Girl” opposite Nicole Kidman; and Jean-Pierre Jeunet's international hit "Amelie.”

Through his production company, MNP, Kassovitz is currently developing several new projects in both the United States and France. He will both star in and direct "Rebellion,” based on a true story that follows the Ouvéa cave hostage incident in New Caledonia in 1988. Kassovitz will also be part of "MNP,” a big-budget action film set on a space station.


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