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DAVID DORFMAN (Emmit) found, at a very young age, that he had a talent and passion for performing. Discovered by a theatrical agent after taking over a magic show at a friend’s birthday party, he quickly booked a series- regular role in the Disney pilot “Use Your Head.” Following that role, Dorfman easily began working regularly in commercials and television, and was soon cast opposite Academy Award® nominee William H. Macy in the critically acclaimed film “Panic.”

His career was off and running and he soon landed a recurring role in the CBS series “Family Law” opposite Academy Award® nominee Kathleen Quinlan, as well as a lead in the feature film “Bounce” opposite Academy Award® winners Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Affleck.

It was then that Dorfman won the hugely sought-after role of Aidan Keller opposite Academy Award® nominee Naomi Watts in the chilling and provocative thriller “The Ring,” which went on to gross over $200 million and became a franchise for DreamWorks.

A truly versatile artist, Dorfman has been able to play a variety of characters in a myriad of stories. Whether it be in a fantasy story, such as “A Wrinkle in Time,” or as gritty a film as “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” he loves to take on new challenges. He has worked with such esteemed actors as Academy Award® nominee Robert Downey Jr., both in a recurring role as his son in the award-winning series “Ally McBeal” for Fox-TV and in the feature film “The Singing Detective,” which also starred Academy Award® winner Adrien Brody and Academy Award® nominee Maria Bello.

David also enjoys music, maps and outdoor sports such as ATV’ing with his teenage friends.


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