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DAVID HARBOUR (Shep Campbell) Having recently wrapped his third major film role this year, Tony nominated actor David Harbour is no stranger to sharing scenes with A-list talent. David recently completed filming alongside Russell Crowe in the motion picture STATE OF PLAY, a crime thriller based on the BBC mini-series of the same name. This fall David will have a strong presence in the industry with back-to-back memorable roles in two major motion pictures. In addition to REVOLUTIONARY ROAD, you can see David playing the crazy scotch drinking CIA agent "Greg Beam,” who plans to assassinate James Bond in the latest Bond film franchise release, QUANTUM OF SOLACE. 

David is already famous for delivering standout performances on the prestigious stages of New York and London. He captured a Tony nomination for his critically acclaimed portrayal of the character "Nick” alongside Kathleen Turner in Anthony Page's Broadway production of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” David captivated audiences and critics alike performing the lead role of "Nicholas Stankevich” in Tom Stoppard's epic trilogy "Coast of Utopia” at the Lincoln Center. David also collaborated with accomplished playwright Tom Stoppard and theater director Jack O'Brien as lead character "Moses Jackson” in the Broadway production "The Invention of Love.” In 2006, David reprised his role as "Nick” and won the praises of London's theater critics on the West End in English director Anthony Page's award-winning revival of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” Other notable theater credits include: "Between US” (MTC), "Fifth of July” (Signature), "A Bad Friend” (Lincoln Center), "Twelfth Night” (NYSF), and most recently "Hamlet” (NYSF). 

David's diversity in his craft has translated onto the small screen as he has made several guest appearances on major hit TV series such as the original Law and Order, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and The Unit. Other television credits include roles on the crime drama Hack and dramedy Book of Daniel.


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