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NOAM MURRO is a multi-award winning commercials director. He has been nominated for DGA Director of the Year five times, winning the honor in 2005. His unique style was established in 1994 with a memorable campaign that captured elderly customers in Katz's famous deli on New York City's Lower East Side. This led to documentary-style exposés of tobacco monsters for the Calif. Dept. of Health as well as lighter work for Fox Sports. In 2001, Murro's work embraced the taboo subject of death. The poignant Flatline spot for Toshiba, in which a dying man's life flashes before him, was singled out and applauded by the New York Times.

In 2002, he directed Saturn's Sheet Metal, a conceptually driven spot that was highly critically acclaimed. In 2003, labeled his Got Milk? "Birthday” as the best spot of the year. "Birthday” went on to become the winner of a Gold Lion at the 2003 Cannes Lions awards. Murro's campaign for Olympus garnered him a second Gold Lion at the 2005 awards along with a number of Silver and Bronze statues for other commercials. Recently, Creativity Magazine named him as one of the industry's 50 most influential people in the last 20 years. He was also recently named the UK's #1 director by Campaign magazine.

As well as directing, he is also the successful founder of Biscuit Filmworks, one of the most competitive and interesting production companies in the industry. SMART PEOPLE is his first feature.


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