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ALICE BRAGA (The Woman With Dark Glasses) Alice Braga (São Paulo, Brazil, 1983), a young Brazilian-born actress, has appeared in nearly a dozen films in just five years, first as the face of Latin-American cinema and more recently attracting the attention of numerous North American directors. Alice Braga is Portuguese in origin, her debut on the silver screen took place in 1998 with Fiapo Barth's Trampolim, but the general public and critics were alerted to her exciting performance in the crime movie, City of God (Cidade de Deus, 2002) by Fernando Meirelles.

In 2007, Braga obtained an important part in the compelling I Am Legend by Francis Lawrence, a Hollywood production in which she starred opposite Will Smith. Following this, she was again directed by Fernando Meirelles in Blindness (2008), the opening film at Cannes, in which she played the part of one of the victims of an obscure sickness that makes people blind, in an adaptation of a novel by Nobel prizewinner, José Saramago. Also ready for release in 2008 is an action-movie called Redbelt, presented at the Tribeca Film Festival and directed by David Mamet. Her other recent films are the multi-ethnic Crossing Over by Wayne Kramer, in which she stars opposite Harrison Ford and Sean Penn, and Repossession Mambo by Miguel Sapochnik with Jude Law and Forest Whitaker, to be released in early 2009. Braga has not only appeared in independent American productions such as Journey to the End of the Night (2006) by Eric Eason, in which she works with Brendan Fraser, but has also worked for numerous Brazilian directors, including Sérgio Machado in the dramatic Lower City (Cidade Baixa, 2005), Márcia Faria in Carandiru, Outras Histórias (2005, a TV series), Heitor Dalia in the offbeat comedy Drained (O Cheiro do Ralo, 2006), Jorge Furtado in Rummikub (2007), Lina Chamie in A Via Láctea (2007), and with the Mexican Carlos Bolado in Only God Knows (Sólo Dios sabe, 2006), presented at the Sundance Film Festival.

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