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In spring of 2007, OGRE hit the road with Skinny Puppy, his band of over twenty years. Hidden behind a thin white screen splattered red, he donned ornate headgear and moved as though his limbs were manipulated by well-concealed strings, bringing a new, and perhaps gorier, version of shadow puppetry to audiences across North America and Europe. This was just one of many inspired roles the vocalist has adopted for his stage shows over the years.

Since 1982, Ogre has remained a vanguard artist, his work consequently influencing a generation of musicians spanning across genres. With the pioneering industrial group Skinny Puppy, he and cohort cEVIN Key have matched brutally vivid socio-political commentary with the unsettling clang of electronic music. Onstage, he has made a career of instilling theatrical virtues in a genre typically predisposed towards anonymity by utilizing film footage, elaborate costumes and make up and body language to reanimate the songs. In his more recent project ohGr, the vocalist has lent the same level of creativity and enthusiasm to a more accessible sound. 

After years of performing live, it was only natural for Ogre to move into film and REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA seems to be a perfect first fit for the artist.


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