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MARK HERMAN entered the film industry in his late twenties having trained as an animator at the National Film School in England, and after studying film at Leeds Polytechnic, also in the U.K. His first feature-length project was "Blame It On the Bellboy,” a comedy about mistaken identity starring Dudley Moore and Brian Brown.

Herman then went on to write and direct the critically acclaimed "Brassed Off”, following the members of a colliery brass band struggling to survive amid the closure of the local mine. He then adapted and directed "Little Voice” from Jim Cartwright's play "The Rise and Fall of Little Voice”. Jane Horrocks starred as a young woman whose only escape from the drudgery of life comes through imitating the singers her late father admired.

Herman was nominated for two BAFTA Awards for Best Screenplay for "Little Voice” and for Best Screenplay for "Brassed Off”. He was also nominated for the British Independent Film Awards Best Screenplay for "Purely Belter”, and won both the Writers Guild of Great Britain Best Screenplay Award and France's coveted Cesar Award for Best Foreign Film for "Brassed Off.”


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