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AMBER BEATTIE (GRETEL) was born in London, the middle child in her family. She attends Stoke Newington Arts and Media College where she is on the school council and last year she won a ‘Jack Petchey' Award for her involvement in a school council community project. Beattie is very athletic; she swims with a local club, is a member of her school cross-country running team, recently first in her year in an interschool event. Beattie is very keen on climbing, often getting to the very top of tall trees before her parents realize where she is! She also loves riding her pony. Drama and English are Beattie's favorite subjects and she has won school awards for imaginative writing. She plays the flute in the school orchestra and sings in the choir.

Beattie's first professional engagement was as a Tiddlypeep in "The Hoobs,” a Jim Henson production for Channel 4. Since then she has taken part in a Weetabix commercial, starred in a short film by the Film and Television school in Beaconsfield and had a main supporting role in a recent television mini series for the BBC called "Empathy."


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