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Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, NATALYA RUDAKOVA (Valentina) always had an eye for the arts. Since the early onset of childhood she attended drawing and acting class, but during the difficult times of the Soviet Union, her classes came to an end. Fortunately, her mother made it a Sunday routine to take Natalya to the theater, where she was forever bitten by the acting bug. At the age of 17, Natalya's mother decided to relocate her to New York.

Natalya never dreamed of being an actress until she met accomplished screenwriter Luc Besson, co-writer of THE TRANSPORTER franchise while walking home from work as a hairdresser in the streets of New York. Besson suggested she take acting classes and everyone including herself realized she had great potential. Not knowing that Besson had a character in mind for Natalya, she began to take acting seriously and he asked her to audition in Paris for her role in TRANSPORTER 3. This was her first trip to Paris and she landed the part in the film a week later.

Natalya currently resides in New York.


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