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CARICE VAN HOUTEN's (Nina von Stauffenberg) most recent work includes Ridley Scott's Body of Lies opposite Leonardo DiCaprio, the mystery thriller Dorothy Mills, and Repossession Mambo with Jude Law. On stage, she recently played the title role of "The Dutchess of Parma” opposite Emmy Award-winner Pierre Bokma.

She was born in Leiderdorp (near Leiden) on September 5, 1976. Her parents are Margje Stasse (on the board of Dutch educational TV) and writer and broadcaster Theodore van Houten. She is the elder sister of actress and singer Jelka van Houten. When she was five her father took her to a screening of Abel Gance's epic Napoleon, which fascinated her. She has demonstrated great interest in cinema since. Carice convincingly demonstrated her acting talents at the Bonifatius Lyceum high school, Utrecht, in the early ‘90s. One of her first parts was the title role in Hugo Claus's play "Tijl Uilenspiegehel.” She also developed a skill in clarinet playing.

In 1995 she was rather uniquely accepted by both the Maastricht and Amsterdam drama academies, and started her TV career (Labyrint, VPRO TV 1997) as a student of the Kleinkunst Academie Amsterdam. There she was awarded the 1999 Pisuisse Prize and the 2000 Top Naeff Prize for her theatre work. A day before the Top Naeff Prize she was awarded the ‘Gouden Kalf' as best TV actress in Martin Koolhoven's Suzy Q.

In 2001 she starred in the film Amnesia by the same director. In September 2000 she joined the Noord-Nederlands Toneel, starring as a both singing and acting Polly in a contemporary staging of "The Threepenny Opera” to fabulously stunning reviews. Her great talent for dark comedy was demonstrated in a parody on City Lights' blind girl in the "Amsterdam Kleine Komedie.” Carice is a great admirer of American silent comedies – particularly Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy – although she can display an equally dramatic talent. In 2001 she made Minoes, starring in the title role of the cat-woman after Annie M.G. Schmidt. In the 2001-02 theatrical season she won the main role in a theatre production of Schmidt's musical "Foxtrot.”

She is best known outside her native country for the role of Rachel Stein/Ellis De Vries in Paul Verhoeven's critically acclaimed war epic Black Book (2006). In March 2008 she was awarded the ‘Rembrandt Award' as Best Actress in Love is All (Alles is Liefde). 

Carice has appeared in Vanity Fair ‘s Hollywood Edition (March 2008), photographed by Wayne Maser, and in January 2008 was named "Woman of the Year” by New York Magazine.


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