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YARA SHAHIDI (Olivia Danielson) is making her motion picture debut starring opposite Eddie Murphy in "Imagine That.” Shahidi was born and raised for the first four years of her life in Minneapolis, Minnesota, before her family made the move to California for her father's line of work. When she thinks back to what she misses most about Minnesota she will tell you, "Grampie and snow!”

She began her career at six weeks old, working alongside her mother in commercials and print ads. Shahidi can be seen in campaigns for Gap Kids, Guess Kids and Disney, to name a few. She frequently had the opportunity to work with her mother and younger brother in numerous print and broadcast campaigns. They can currently be seen in the Tropicana "Squeeze” commercial and print campaigns.

Shahidi is in the new ABC comedy "In the Motherhood,” as Jessica St. Clair's daughter, which debuted March 26, 2009. She has the good fortune to be playing sister to her real-life brother, Sayeed, who is also in the series. Her next film project is titled "Unthinkable,” in which she and her real-life brother play the children of Samuel L. Jackson's character, and she was also recently cast in the Angelina Jolie film "Salt.”

In her free time, Shahidi loves cooking with her father, learning to speak Farsi, traveling with her family, and conducting science experiments (she wants to build a laboratory in her garage one day). Her favorite subject in school is history, where she never tires of learning about the Renaissance.

Shahidi currently resides with her mother, father, two younger brothers and her fish, Cleophous.

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