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JAMAL WOOLARD (Christopher "Biggieā€¯ Wallace) raised in the Lafayette Housing Projects mere blocks from the Notorious BIG's stomping grounds, Woolard made a name for himself in the underground mixtape circuit under the name Gravy. Often compared to Biggie because of his size and demeanor, he still managed to construct a niche for himself with hardcore bangers like "I Know, I Know" and "Murder, Murder" which led to a major record deal with Warner Bros. Records in 2006. However, after a highly publicized shooting that happened in front of New York's Hot 97 (where Gravy was hit, but still managed to perform and freestyle on Funkmaster Flex's radio show) he was banned from having his records played on the station.

Woolard was living down South when a friend urged him to come back to New York to audition for NOTORIOUS. While watching him read, Voletta Wallace told director George Tillman, Jr., "that's my son". He took the role and studied everything from the late rapper's diction to the way he walked, truly becoming Biggie.

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