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PHIL LORD (Written for the Screen by / Directed by) and Christopher Miller started their careers making animated films together at Dartmouth College, catching the attention of the Walt Disney Company, where they created, executive produced, and directed the MTV animated series "Clone High. "

Among their television writing credits, Lord and Miller served as co-executive producers on "How I Met Your Mother,” the Emmy-winning primetime sitcom that began airing on CBS in September of 2005; and executive producers of both "Awesometown,” featuring the comedy troupe The Lonely Island, and the "Phil Hendrie” pilot. The team also worked as consulting producers on "Jake in Progress” and Cracking Up, supervising producers on "Method & Red” and "Luis,” and staff writers on "Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane.”

Lord also provided the voices of Principal Scudworth and Genghis Khan in "Clone High” and played the recurring role of Bill in "Caroline in the City.”

Lord and Miller contend it was a mistake that landed them a job developing Saturday morning cartoons for the Walt Disney Company. That led to their stint developing prime time animated series for Touchstone Television.

Lord graduated cum laude from Dartmouth College with a degree in Art History. His college animated short Man Bites Breakfast won Best Animation at the 1998 New England Film and Video Festival and was also included in several other festivals, including ASIFA East and ASIFA San Francisco.

He is a native of Coconut Grove, Florida.


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