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BEN FOSTER (Bower), recipient of rave reviews for his electrifying and shape-shifting performances, has established himself as one of the most exciting and versatile actors of his generation, with characters ranging from "Jake Murzersky,” the crystal meth addict/skinhead in Nick Cassavetes' Alpha Dog and outlaw "Charlie Prince” in James Mangold's critically acclaimed 3:10 to Yuma to the international blockbuster X-Men 3 as "Angel” and the vampire worshiping "Stranger” in 30 Days Of Night. In the independent world, he played the mute spirit "Cod” in the Polish Brother's film North Fork and the lead in Barry Levinson's Liberty Heights, which marked his film debut.

On television Foster portrayed the sexually ambiguous Russell Corwin on HBO's drama Six Feet Under, garnering two SAG nominations and sharing the 2003 SAG Award win for Best Ensemble. His other television work includes the cult hit Freaks and Geeks as mentally handicapped student "Eli” and the Emmy-nominated HBO film The Laramie Project. Notably, his performance in Showtime's Bang Bang You're Dead, a meditation on school shootings, garnered him a Daytime Emmy.

Foster stars in Oren Moverman's directorial debut The Messenger, an astonishing portrait of a wounded solider confronting his own grief when assigned to the brutal realities of a casualty notification officer, alongside Woody Harrelson, Samantha Morton, and Jena Malone. The film premiered at both the 2009 Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals.

Ben has been a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation since the age of four. He lives in New York, and is the older brother of actor Jon Foster.


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