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ION OVERMAN (Linda) would describe her parents as free thinkers. Born in Los Angeles to a British father and an African American mother, she was raised in the Hollywood Hills. Surrounded by artists, musicians and holistic healers, Ion's parents held many jobs. These included advertising copywriter, bit part actor and chef for dad. For mom it was department store sales, executive assistant and even singing in an R&B group called Black Magic.

However, unlike other actors who knew at a young age that they wanted to perform, Ion didn't know until much later. She attended UCLA, where she majored in English Literature and minored in French, the language she now speaks fluently. It was while she was in college that Ion was bitten by the acting bug. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in English Lit., she went full time at her job as a stockbroker's assistant at a major firm, which she absolutely hated. "I couldn't stop thinking about acting." She walked into work one day and quit—with no prospects. She started supporting herself with odd jobs and took acting classes when she could afford them. Within a year she landed her first agent. Soon after that she got her first role in the low budget movie THE WALKING DEAD.

That role was followed by commercials and several guest star spots, and later booked a two year stint on the soap "Port Charles." After that, the versatile actress discovered she had a knack for comedy as well as drama. She won a pivotal recurring role on Showtime's "The L Word," and a series regular role on the sit-com "Love, Inc." Guest leads on shows "What About Brian?," "CSI: Miami," "Two and a Half Men" followed, and currently she has a recurring guest starring role on "The Ghost Whisperer." 

When asked what she does in her spare time, she likes the normal things like reading, watching tons of movies and hanging out with friends. But if it were up to her, she wouldn't have much free time. Ion is happiest when she's working.


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