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Since his breakthrough performance as Pedro in "Napoleon Dynamite,” EFREN RAMIREZ (Venus) has established himself within the film and television industry, working nonstop in numerous projects. Ramirez has been acting for over thirteen years, playing diverse roles in many television shows including "ER,” Judging Amy,” "The District,” "Boston Public,” "Mad TV” and "Scrubs.” However, it was his iconic portrayal of Pedro that has made him an international superstar. Pictures of Ramirez as Pedro can be found on T-shirts being worn by people of all ages everywhere around the world. Simply appearing at events on college campuses ensures that thousands of students will converge for a glimpse of their hero.

Moving on from Pedro has been effortless for this gifted young actor. He soon followed "Napoleon Dynamite” by appearing in the HBO film "Walkout,” with Edward James, Michael Pena and Alexa Vega. In this gripping drama set in 1968, Ramirez plays Bobby Verdugo, a Chicano student from East LA who struggles for better education in public schools against the backdrop of the Chicano movement.

After completing the sports film "All You Got,” with Faizon Love and Ciara Harris, Efren starred in the back-to-back Lionsgate films "Employee Of The Month,” with Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson, and "Crank,” starring opposite Jason Statham and Amy Smart. 

Efren then starred in "Ratko” as a foreign dictator's son who travels to the U.S. to attend college and "American Summer” as a poolboy who turns an empty mansion into a brothel. He was then seen in the two-person drama "Crossing The Heart,” starring opposite Kris Kristofferson. Efren recently completed Neveldine and Taylor's action thriller "Game.”

Efren Ramirez currently resides in Los Angeles. When he isn't filming, he spends his time practicing his love of spinning records, appearing as a guest DJ in clubs all across the country. Efren has just written his first book, "Direct Your Own Life.” He is also very involved with several charitable organizations such as UNICEF, The Red Cross, the Make-A-Wish Foundation and AIDS research.

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