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BRIAN TAYLOR (Writer/Director/Executive Producer) born in Pasadena, CA, has served as Director of Photography on a variety of award-winning shorts and independent features. His work as Director and Cinematographer on "The Man Who Loved Elevators” (a short based on the work of Charles Bukowski) established Brian as an HD pioneer and highlighted Cinequest's DigitalxDigital showcase. 

The two joined forces on "The Keys” (a surreal action/adventure) filmed in Morocco, inventing one of their many camera techniques, "roller-dolly” (U.S. patent pending). The early part of 2002 was spent in the Dominican Republic completing work on a documentary about the Fuentes Cigar Family. Upon returning to the United States, the directing team was promptly snatched up by for commercials and music videos. Through they have directed award-winning commercials for Nike, Motorola, Bud Light, Powerade, KFC, Michelob and Honda.

Neveldine and Taylor hit the feature scene hard when they wrote, directed and camera-operated the instant cult classic "Crank,” starring Jason Statham, with Lakeshore Entertainment and Lionsgate. They wrote and produced the thriller "Pathology,” starring Milo Ventimiglia, and have also just finished shooting the highly anticipated "Game,” starring Gerard Butler, which they also wrote and directed. The team has writing deals with 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers and Mandalay Pictures. Neveldine & Taylor also produced and directed "Brand X” (a TV pilot for FX).


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