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Director and Writer DUNCAN JONES, has just completed his first feature film MOON starring Sam Rockwell (Choke, Frost/Nixon, The Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy, The Green Mile, and Charlie's Angles) and Kevin Spacey (American Beauty, The Usual Suspects, Se7en, LA Confidential and K-PAX), as the voice of Gerty. Duncan, who has established a notorious reputation for controversial fare in the advertising arena, started out as a wild-cam operator for Tony Scott (director of Spy Game, Enemy of the State, Top Gun and Crimson Tide), before going on to work as an AD for cerebral promo and commercials director Walter Stern. After a stint in the computer games biz, Duncan created the CG/live action commercial Blade Jogger, which won a top award at the UK's Kodak Student Commercial Competition, and his short film Whistle, which has screened at festivals around the world and numerous times on Film Four in the UK.

After a period shooting low budget music videos, Duncan earned an opportunity to shoot his first big budget commercial with advertising guru Trevor Beattie. The result was Britain's longest primetime commercial… and possibly the most unusual advertising hoax ever broadcast in the UK causing a flood of newspaper inches as its authenticity was investigated. Trevor and Duncan immediately hit it off, and when Trevor left to start his own agency, he invited Duncan to join him at BMB as a creative/in house commercials director and all round ideas person. Their initial offering, the 90-second French Connection woman on woman fight fest "Fashion v Style” caused such controversy, it made front-page news and was subsequently named a finalist at the prestigious 2006 Cannes Lions.

Duncan's film making influences have been vast and eclectic, and to his great good fortune, he has had the chance to meet and in some cases work with those influences personally.

In 2005, Duncan founded Liberty Films with producer Stuart Fenegan to produce feature films and commercials. Duncan is currently writing and developing his next feature: Mute with support from The UK Film Council.

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