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BOBBY COLEMAN (Hunter Malby) has been on film sets since birth, learning from older sister and actress Holliston Coleman, and at age six he decided to give it a try himself. He promptly landed multiple national commercials and went on to guest-star in such TV series as "Knight Rider,” "In Plain Sight,” "Medium” and others, with a recurring role on the NBC sci-fi series "Surface” and as part of the lead family in William H. Macy's pilot "Family Man.”

Bobby tried film as well, with roles in FRIENDS WITH MONEY and MUST LOVE DOGS, and lead roles in THE GOOD MOTHER (as Angie Harmon's son) and TAKE (as Minnie Driver's murdered son). He also starred opposite John Cusack in the title role of the feature film MARTIAN CHILD, where he played an emotionally disturbed foster child who believes he is (and may be) from Mars.

Four more films are awaiting release. Bobby plays Miley Cyrus' brother in Disney's upcoming THE LAST SONG, based on the Nicholas Sparks novel. In ROBOSAPIEN, an adventure from the producer of Spiderman, X-Men, and Ironman, Bobby was happy to be a lead with his sister Holliston. Finally, the coming of age film SNOWMEN, with Ray Liotta and Christopher Lloyd, was a chance at another title role.

When not on set, Coleman enjoys a varied and interesting life with his lovably eccentric family: home schooling, hiking, renovating houses, playing with his friends and hanging out with his sister Holliston and her cohorts. Bobby loves acting, art and science. He hopes to one day invent something that will change the world.

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