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Daryl Sabara (Kyle) can't remember his first foray into show business. He was only seven weeks old and played Murphy Brown's baby on the hit sitcom, "Murphy Brown,” alternating the role with his fraternal twin brother, Evan. 

By the time he was four, he was performing with a professional ballet company, the South Bay Ballet. This did not disrupt his acting career. At age seven, Daryl was introduced to the world as ‘Juni Cortez'. 

After spending close to four years filming Spy Kids, Spy Kids 2: Island f Lost Dreams, and Spy Kids 3D: Game Over, he returned to television to do many guest roles on series including "Friends,” "House,” and "Weeds.” 

He was also the regular voice of ‘Hunter' on NBC's animated series, "Father of the Pride.” His other voice over credits include, Finding Nemo, ‘Hero Boy' (the young Tom Hanks) in Polar Express, and interactive DVD, Choose Your Own Adventure.  

Some of Daryl's most recent additions to his long list of credits are the TBS pilot, "Boy's Life”, the Disney film, Keeping up with the Steins, also starring Jeremy Piven and Garry Marshall, the Summertime Film's feature, Her Best Move, and the Rob Zombie version of Halloween.

 He also portrayed multiple characters in the Robert Zemeckis film, A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey. He has recently completed two independent films, April Showers and World's Greatest Dad, starring Robin Williams. Daryl, a winner of several national awards for musical compositions, studies voice, guitar, and dance. He did his first live musical production, "13” for the Mark Taper Forum.  

When he has a moment away from the cameras and the stage, he likes to hang out with his brother Evan and their Jack Russell terrier, Baccus at their home in Southern California. 


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