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MIKE JUDGE had considered animating a hobby while he worked as a bass player for Texas musicians like Anson Funderburgh and Doyle Bramhall, but when MTV picked up his 1992 short film, Frog Baseball, animation history was made. Judge was born in 1962 in Ecuador but raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico and attended the University of California at San Diego. Judge had already earned a physics degree, worked as an engineer and been a professional musician when MTV featured his animated shorts on its show, Liquid Television. One of these short films, ”Frog Baseball,” hit a grand slam, and the network simultaneously decided to spin off Beavis and Butthead into a show of its own, making him the premier animator of the 1990s. The creation of these two teenage icons led to his next equally successful project, Fox TV's King of the Hill.

Judge expanded his artistic endeavors into directing live-action films such as 1999's Office Space featuring Jennifer Aniston and the underrated Idiocracy with Luke Wilson, doing voices for South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut and acting in Robert Rodriguez' Spy Kids series. Writer, actor, producer, director, composer, animator, musician... Mike Judge is many things but nothing beats making it okay for grownups to hold their hands and proclaim, "I am Cornhollo!”

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