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Director RICHARD LONCRAINE has earned great acclaim for his work in film, television and commercials. He studied sculpture at the Central School of Art before attending the Royal College of Art Film School. He spent three years working for the BBC before moving into commercials. Since those days he has successfully alternated directing films with directing television productions.

From writer Dennis Potter's "Blade on the Feather" and "Brimstone and Treacle" to period comedy "The Missionary," and from "The Gathering Storm," universally acknowledged as the finest representation of Winston Churchill on screen for years and classic Shakespeare film adaptation "Richard III," to the romantic charm of "Wimbledon" and the thrill of "Firewall," the sheer range of his work cannot fail to impress.

Currently, Loncraine is directing the HBO's "The Special Relationship," which examines the friendship between Britain's Tony Blair and President George W. Bush.


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