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KEVIN BACON is one of the foremost actors of his generation. His talent for balancing starring roles with powerful supporting characters on both film and stage has allowed him to build a varied and critically acclaimed body of work.

With the support of his parents, Bacon left his native Philadelphia to become the youngest student at Circle in the Square Theatre in New York, where he studied until he made his film debut as Chip in "National Lampoon's Animal House." This led to roles in "Diner" and "Footloose," the later of which propelled him to stardom.

Bacon has proved his talents in a wide range of genres, from action thrillers to romantic comedies to heavy dramas, and even the occasional musical. His film credits include "Trapped," John Hughes' "She's Having a Baby," "Criminal Law," "The Big Picture," "Tremors," "Balto," "Hollow Man," "Stir of Echoes," the sleeper hit "My Dog Skip," "Wild Things," "Digging to China," "Telling Lies in America," "Picture Perfect," Oliver Stone's "JFK" and Rob Reiner's "A Few Good Men." He also starred in Barry Levinson's "Sleepers" with Brad Pitt and Robert De Niro, the award-winning "Apollo 13" directed by Ron Howard, "Murder in the First" (for which he was voted Best Actor by The Broadcast Critics Association and nominated for Best Supporting Actor by The Screen Actors Guild and the London Film Critics Circle), "The River Wild" (for which he was nominated by a Golden Globe). "In the Cut," Clint Eastwood's "Mystic River" (earning Academy Award and Golden  Globe Nominations for Best Motion Picture), "Beauty Shop," Atam Egoyan's "Where The Truth Lies," "The Air I Breathe," "Death Sentence" and "Rails and Ties."

In 2004 Bacon starred in "The Woodsman," a compelling drama that premiered to great critical acclaim at the Sundance and Cannes Film Festivals. He was nominated for an IFP Spirit Award for this role.

Bacon was most recently seen in the political drama "Frost/Nixon," directed by Ron Howard, which is based on the award-winning play, and the HBO film "Taking Chance."

In 1996, Bacon made his directorial debut with "Losing Chase" starring Kyra Sedgwick, Beau Bridges and Helen Mirren. Produced for Showtime, "Losing Chase" was honored with three Golden Globe nominations, including Best Motion Picture Made for Television. The film debuted on Showtime and was also screened at the Sundance Film Festival and the 1996 Toronto Film Festival.

Bacon directed his second film, "Loverboy," which he also produced and appears in. Based on the acclaimed novel by Victoria Redel, the film stars Kyra Sedgwich and features appearances by Campbell Scott, Matt Dillon, Marissa Tomei, and Oliver Platt. "Loverboy" had the honor of opening the Gen Art Film Festival in New York City.

In January 2000, the Film Society of Lincoln Center honored Bacon for his extraordinary career in the film industry.


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