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FRED MELAMED's acting career has encompassed everything from leading roles to character turns to an extensive catalog of voice work.

Among his feature films are Peter Yates' Suspect; Leonard Nimoy's The Good Mother; Marshall Brickman's Lovesick and The Manhattan Project; and a long list of Woody Allen titles, including Hannah and Her Sisters, Radio Days, Another Woman, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Shadows and Fog, Husbands and Wives, and Hollywood Ending. Mr. Melamed earned his BA from Hampshire College; and his MFA from the Yale School of Drama, which he attended with frequent Coen Brothers collaborators Frances McDormand, John Turturro, and Katherine Borowitz (who also appears in A Serious Man). At Yale, he starred in productions of God's Smoke, Doctor Faustus, and Benten Kozo, among others. He has since acted with Minneapolis' Guthrie Theatre Company and the Kennedy Center's Shakespeare & Company; and appeared on Broadway in Amadeus, directed by Sir Peter Hall.

As a voice actor, he has recorded literally thousands of television programs, documentaries, commercials, promos, and audio books. He has been the voice of Mercedes-Benz, The Olympics, National Geographic, CBS Sports, USA Network, and Disney's syndicated series Gargoyles, to name but a few.


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