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After receiving critical acclaim on the London stage, JOE ANDERSON (Bill) starred opposite Ed Harris in Agnieszka Holland's COPYING BEETHOVEN. He subsequently landed the coveted co-lead in ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, the Beatles musical directed by Julie Taymor for Columbia Pictures. Thereafter, Joe went on to do co-starring roles in BECOMING JANE for Miramax and critically acclaimed CONTROL, a biopic about the U.K. band "Joy Division". He followed that up with DreamWorks' 2007 thriller THE RUINS, and in 2008 he played the lead role in the independent feature THE 27 CLUB, and Gary Yates' indie project HIGH TIMES, about four junkies who try to rob a bank.

Joe started 2009 with Infinity's wild action flick ROGUES GALLERY, where he plays the lead character amongst a group of government assassins who turn on themselves, and he's just recently wrapped a remake of George A. Romero's classic horror film THE CRAZIES.


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