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SAM ELLIOTT (Clay Wheeler) was recently seen as Lee Scorseby in New Line Cinema's fantasy adventure, The Golden Compass. The film, directed by Chris Weitz, co-stared Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig.

Previously, Elliott appeared as Caretaker in the hit film Ghost Rider opposite Nicholas Cage, and co-starred in Thank You for Smoking directed by Jason Reitman. He also provided the voice of the patriarch in the recent animated comedy Barnyard and starred opposite Joan Allen in Off the Map, which premiered at the 2003 Sundance Festival. 

Elliott first gained acclaim with his performance in the title role of Lifeguard. Other feature film roles include The Hulk, We Were Soldiers, The Contender, The Hi-Lo Country, The Big Lebowski, Tombstone, Gettysburg, Rush, Prancer, Fatal Beauty, Road House and Mask.

On television, Elliott was nominated for an Emmy and a Golden Globe for his role as Wild Bill Hickok in "Buffalo Girls.” Other television credits include "Conagher,” "The Quick and the Dead” and "You Know My Name,” all award winning Westerns. Other television ranges from "Fail Safe” and "The Yellow Rose” to "Once an Eagle” and "Murder in Texas.”


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