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Montreal filmmaker JEAN-MARC VALLÉE made his ground-breaking feature debut with Liste Noire (Black List), in 1995. The strikingly stylish erotic thriller was a first for its genre in Quebec cinema, and was honored with nine Genie Award nominations. Ten years later, he returned to French-language features with the internationally acclaimed hit, C.R.A.Z.Y. Blending a beguiling coming-of-age tale with a magical ode to outsiders of all ages, the powerful yet poignant C.R.A.Z.Y.'s intensely personal story embraces universal themes. The picture became a phenomenon: distributed in over fifty countries and winning some twenty international festival awards – including the prestigious "Best Canadian Film” prize at the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival, 11 Genie Awards, 15 Jutra Awards, and the Golden Reel Award as Canada's top-performer at the domestic box office.

Jean-Marc has also flirted with Hollywood (Strangers –1996, Los Locos-1997), as well as completing the first two installments of his short film trilogy devoted to father-son relationships; a theme very close to the filmmaker's heart. Les Fleurs magiques (Magical Flowers, 1995) and Les Mots magiques (Magical Words, 1998) are individual pieces unified by a dream-like quality, and an eye for their subjects that is both tender, and tortured. Both shorts were awarded numerous festival prizes at home, and abroad.

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