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ANAND TUCKER (Directed by) has extensive and varied experience as a producer and director of successful feature films. Among his directing credits are Shopgirl (2005), starring and written by Steve Martin— adapted from his own novel; And When Did You Last See Your Father? (2007), featuring Jim Broadbent and Colin Firth in the lead father-son roles; and Hilary and Jackie (1998), starring Emily Watson and Rachel Griffiths. He has also recently directed Red Riding: 1983, the third episode of the acclaimed Red Riding trilogy for Channel 4 Television in the U.K.

Tucker also has a wide range of producing credits including the critical and box-office success Girl With a Pearl Earring (2003), starring Scarlett Johansson and Colin Firth; Incendiary (2008), starring Michelle Williams and Ewan McGregor; and the BBC factual television series This Is Modern Art (1999), as executive producer.


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