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ADAM G. SEVANI (Moose), at age 17, is a triple threat—an accomplished actor, singer and dancer. His penchant for performing is a result of having immersed himself amidst his artistic family. His father is an international choreographer and his mother is a musician who, together, founded the renowned Synthesis Dance Center in Universal City. It was there that he befriended many dancers, which led him to the Touchstone Pictures casting executives and, with a self-made audition tape, to director Jon M. Chu, which inevitably led to his breakout role as the comedic sidekick Moose in Touchstone/Summit's sequel "Step Up 2 The Streets.”

Since his scenes from Judd Apatow's "Superbad” were edited into the DVD's special features, "Step Up 2” may have had the distinction of being his first work to hit the big screen, but Sevani has already made quite an impression in the realm of music videos, having appeared in Will Smith's "Switch,” Mase's "Breathe, Stretch, Shake,” as well as "Low,” the chart-topping Flo Rida/T-Pain single from the "Step Up 2” soundtrack. He has also performed in a variety of award shows and events worldwide alongside the likes of such talent as Jennifer Lopez, among others.

Sevani's Hollywood future looks bright, though when not performing, he excels in athletics, playing drums, creating short films, the visual arts, as well as choreographing his own dance routines, which combine elements of his intensive instruction from age 4, including ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop and even martial arts.


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