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STEPHEN "tWitch” BOSS (Jason) versatile and energetic dancing skills have earned him roles in the recent films "Blades of Glory” and "Hairspray,” directed/produced by Adam Shankman, who also serves as producer on "Step Up 3D.” Boss is perhaps best known to television audiences as the runner-up on season four of the popular series "So You Think You Can Dance,” racking up millions of votes. He also competed as a finalist on MTV's Wade Robson Project.

Born in Montgomery, Ala., Boss has been dancing his whole life. His nickname, "tWitch,” was given to him because he would dance, "popping” and "ticking” (hip-hop dance moves), pretty much anywhere. To the naked eye, it looked like a twitch.

Boss has choreographed for Se7en and the Cheetah girls and had a DVD fitness video for "So You Think You Can Dance”/19 Entertainment hit stores in the summer of 2009. Currently Boss is an All-Star on season seven of "So You Think You Can Dance” and is one of the leads in "Stomp the Yard 2.”


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