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One of Hollywood's enduring leading men, BRUCE BOXLEITNER (Alan Bradley) has most recently starred in the Hallmark Channel movie, "Love's Resounding Courage.” He also recently starred on CBS' long-running hit, "NCIS.” NBC's "Heroes” utilized Bruce as the recurring character Senator Robert Malden. In addition, he guest starred on the hit NBC show "Chuck.” He also then starred in another Hallmark Channel movie of the week, "Falling in Love with the Girl Next Door.”

A multitalented actor, Boxleitner is known to sci-fi fans worldwide as John Sheridan, from the hit TV series "Babylon 5.” Bruce's character was President of the Interstellar Alliance, and war hero turned diplomat, at the helm of Earth Alliance Space Station. Boxleitner starred for five seasons in the nationally syndicated TV series, which debuted in October 1994.

Bruce's four-year run starring opposite Kate Jackson in "Scarecrow and Mrs. King” endeared him to fans everywhere and made him a name to remember. Bruce also starred as the endearing Billy Montana in the "Gambler” series. He reprised his role as the Gambler's compadre in four of the five "Gamblers.” The miniseries was based on the best-selling song performed by Kenny Rogers.

In addition to his extensive body of television work, Boxleitner has co-starred in many motion pictures including: "Gods and Generals,” "The Babe,” co-starring John Goodman and Kelly McGillis (Universal), "Kuffs,” co-starring Christian Slater (Universal) and "Breakaway,” an indie action-adventure filmed entirely on location in Melbourne, Australia. His acclaimed science-fiction fantasy "TRON,” co-starring Jeff Bridges, is celebrating its twenty-eighth anniversary as a cult classic and Boxleitner is currently reprising his role of Alan Bradley in "TRON: Legacy,” opening in theaters on December 17, 2010.

Boxleitner also co-starred in "The Baltimore Bullet” with the late famed actor James Coburn. "Gods And Generals,” the Warner Bros. motion picture, was the screen adaptation of Jeff Shaara's heralded best-selling novel and prequel to the acclaimed drama "Gettysburg.” It is an epic and sweeping portrayal of a nation divided at the start of the Civil War with a stellar cast that includes Robert Duvall, Jeff Daniels, Stephan Lang and Mira Sorvino.

Bruce is married to actress and former Screen Actors Guild president, Melissa Gilbert, and they live in the San Fernando Valley with their children.

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