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CARICE VAN HOUTEN (Carol) has become one of the most beloved actresses in her native country the Netherlands. She has won several awards including three Golden Calf Awards for Best Actress and was voted Best Dutch Actress of All Time by the Dutch audience in 2008. Her stunning performance in Paul Verhoeven's war epic Black Book marked the beginning of van Houten's international breakthrough. In the Tom Cruise/Bryan Singer film Valkyrie, she starred as the female lead Nina von Stauffenberg.

Van Houten was born in Leiderdorp (near Leiden) on September 5, 1976. In 1995, she was accepted by both the Maastricht and Amsterdam drama academies, and she started her television career as a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam. While there, she was awarded the 1999 Pisuisse Prize for most promising graduating student and the 2000 Top Naeff Prize for her theater work. A day before receiving the Top Naeff Prize, she was awarded the Golden Calf for Best Actress in a TV-Drama for Martin Koolhoven's Suzy Q.

In 2006, van Houten shined as Jewish singer Rachel Stein in Paul Verhoeven's critically acclaimed Black Book. One year later, van Houten displayed great comic talent in the romantic comedy Love Is All. The film was a major box-office hit and became one of the most successful Dutch films of all time.

Bryan Singer's Valkyrie was the first major Hollywood production in which van Houten appeared. That same year, New York magazine proclaimed her Woman of the Year and Vanity Fair featured her in a "Vanities” article.

Of her role in the 2009 Dutch box-office hit A Woman Goes to the Doctor, Variety wrote, "Carice van Houten in another attention-grabbing perf as the two-timed, terminally ill woman…often steals the show, delivering some of the pic's best lines with an increasingly biting cynicism.”

Van Houten's upcoming films include From Time to Time, directed by Julian Fellowes; Black Death, directed by Christopher Smith; and the Dutch film De gelukkige huisvrouw, directed by Antoinette Beumer.


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