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FRANCO NERO (Lorenzo) has a cut a swath through international cinema over the last 40 years as a leading man and character actor, refusing to be stereotyped by his age, appearance or his native Italian accent.

Born in 1941 in Parma, Italy, he went to theatre school and moved to Rome where he joined a group of friends for the purpose of making documentaries. Working various behind the camera jobs, he was a photographer when he was discovered by director John Huston who cast him as Abel in "The Bible: In the Beginning” (1966). The following year director Joshua Logan cast him as Lancelot opposite Vanessa Redgrave in the film version of "Camelot” for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award. Nero and Redgrave's subsequent relationship resulted in the birth of a son, Carlo Nero, now a movie director and writer.

Nero has appeared in over 175 movies including Luis Bunel's "Tristana,” the popular spaghetti westerns "Django,” "The Mercenary” and "Companeros” (all of which launched him as an international star); the leading role in "Enter The Ninja,” "Force Ten From Navaronne,” "Querelle,” and probably his most famous villain to date, Esperanza in "Die Hard 2.” He has played characters of more than 25 nationalities on screen.

On television he starred as the legendary silent screen actor in "The Legend of Valentino” in 1975 and was featured in the miniseries "The Last Days of Pompei” and "Young Catherine.”

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