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TOM DEY (Director) directed the romantic comedy Failure to Launch, starring Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker. He also directed the hit comedy Shanghai Noon, starring Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson and Lucy Liu, and Showtime, an action comedy starring Robert De Niro, Eddie Murphy and Rene Russo.

Dey (pronounced "Dye”) grew up in New England and studied philosophy, religion and film at Brown University. He graduated in 1987 and continued his pursuit of film at the Centre des Etudes Critiques in Paris, where he studied theory of cinema. He lived there for two years before relocating to Los Angeles in 1990 to attend the American Film Institute.

In 1993, Dey received his Masters degree from the American Film Institute, and put together a commercial director's reel shot primarily with a hand-wound 16mm camera borrowed from a friend. A year later, his reel caught the attention of commercial production house Ridley Scott Associates, which offered him a directing contract. Dey signed on and has remained there since. His commercial clients include Mastercard, U.S. Airways, Showtime Networks, and L'Oreal.

In 1998, Dey made the transition to feature filmmaking when he was hired by Disney and Spyglass Entertainment to direct Shanghai Noon.

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