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QUINTON "RAMPAGE" JACKSON (B.A. Baracus) is an American professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter who rose to prominence with his fights in Japan's PRIDE Fighting Championships and is currently the top rated light heavyweight in the UFC. He is known for both his trademark slams and powerful striking, as well as for his colorful personality.

Jackson, born and raised in Memphis, TN, originally intended on pursuing a career in professional wrestling upon finishing high school, but he was drawn to the discipline of mixed martial arts. Impressed by the success of other wrestlers in MMA, Jackson decided to try his own hand at the budding sport. Jackson began to gain notice in the sport and subsequently rose through the ranks of both Japan's PRIDE Fighting Championships and the UFC.

Jackson signed with the UFC and turned heads when he defeated the reigning champ Chuck Liddell in a staggering one minute and fifty-three seconds making him the Light Heavyweight Champion of the World. Jackson has continued to rise in the UFC and has emerged as one of the most successful and recognizable faces of the sport.


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