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BRIDGET MOYNAHAN (Dorothy Quimby) has appeared in numerous blockbusters opposite Hollywood's finest leading men. She starred in Lord of War, opposite Nicolas Cage and Ethan Hawke, and opposite Will Smith in the futuristic hit I, Robot. Moynahan appeared with Al Pacino and Colin Farrell in the thriller The Recruit, and opposite Ben Affleck in the political thriller The Sum Of All Fears, based on Tom Clancy's bestselling novel.

Moynahan first came to the attention of movie audiences through her co-starring role in the motion picture hit Coyote Ugly, for producer Jerry Bruckheimer. She has also appeared in the independent feature In The Weeds; Serendipity, opposite John Cusack; Unknown, opposite Greg Kinnear and Jim Caviezel; Prey; Noise, opposite Tim Robbins; and Gray Matters, co-starring Heather Graham and Sissy Spacek.

On television, Moynahan portrayed Natasha, Carrie's rival and Mr. Big's wife on the highly rated and critically acclaimed HBO series Sex And The City. Moynahan starred in J.J. Abram's ABC drama, Six Degrees.

Born in Binghamton, New York and raised in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, Moynahan currently resides in Los Angeles.


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