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MICHAEL KEATON (Captain Mauch) gained national attention in the hit comedy Night Shift, followed by starring roles in such films as Mr. Mom, Johnny Dangerously, and Dream Team. 

In 1998, he earned the best actor award from the National Society of Film Critics for Clean and Sober and Tim Burton's Beetlejuice. Keaton re-teamed with Burton to play the title role in the blockbusters Batman and Batman Returns.

Keaton starred as Robert Weiner in HBO's critically-acclaimed Live From Baghdad, based on a true story of the CNN crew who reported from Baghdad during the Gulf War. Keaton received Golden Globe nomination for his performance.

Keaton also starred in "Game Six,” of a story centered around the historic Game Six of the 1986 World Series, Mets vs. The Boston Red Sox. In addition, he has completed the feature film The Last Time as well as a starring role in the TNT miniseries "The Company,” a dramatic story of how the CIA operated during the Cold War. 

In 2007, Michael Keaton made his directorial debut and also starred in the drama The Merry Gentleman. The film was accepted by the Sundance Film Festival for 2008. Also in 2009, Keaton co-starred in the Fox comedy Post Grad. 

Currently, Keaton is the voice of Ken in Toy Story 3. This newest addition to the successful franchise was in 3-D and in presently in theatres.


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