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ANTHONY BELL's (Director) animation career began over 20 years ago at Klasky Csupo, a multimedia entertainment production company located in Hollywood California.  While there, Bell directed such high profile animated television series that aired on Nickelodeon such as "Duckman” (1994-95, Nickelodeon; 1997-98, USA Network), "Rugrats” (1995-1996, Nickelodeon), "Aah, Real Monsters” (1996-97, Nickelodeon), "Wild Thornberrys” (1998-1999; 2002, Nickelodeon), "Rocket Power” (1999-2000; 2002), "Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald” (2000-2001, McDonald's), "Rugrats Rugrats Kwanzaa Special” (2000-2001, Nickelodeon), and "As Told By Ginger” (2001-2002, Nickelodeon).   In 1999-2000, Bell also directed episodes of "The Sissy Duckling Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales For All Children” for Hyperion/HBO. 

In 2003, Bell took on the role of Sequence Director for the animated feature film BARNYARD for Omation/Nickelodeon/Paramount.   After BARNYWARD, Bell directed the series "Boondocks” for Sony (2005).   Bell won an Emmy in 2003 for Best Animated Series ("Rugrats”), a Humanitas Award in 2000 ("The Sissy Duckling”) and three Emmy® certificates for Artistic Contribution on "The Simpsons” and "Rugrats.”

He is currently in production on his next feature film NORM OF THE NORTH, also due from Lionsgate. Bell is represented by Natural Talent, Inc.


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