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Last year RODRIGO SANTORO could be seen as Raul Castro, in Steve Soderbergh's film, "Che.” He was also in "Lion's Den” by Pablo Trapero, which competed against "Che” at the Cannes Film Festival that year. He also starred in Fox Searchlights' "The Post Grad Survival Guide” along side Michael Keaton and Carol Burnett.

In 2008, Santoro was featured in writer/director David Mamet's film "Redbelt”, the story of Mike Terry, a Jiu-jitsu master who has avoided the prize fighting circuit, instead choosing to pursue a life by operating a self-defense studio in Los Angeles. Santoro is already known for his performance in Warner Bros. "300,” based on the Frank Miller's graphic novel, which broke box office records throughout the world. Rodrigo starred as Xerxes, the Persian King who sent his massive army to conquer Greece in 480 B.C. He was nominated for an MTV Movie Award for Best Villain. Rodrigo has also gained attention for his role of Paulo in ABC's hit series "Lost.”


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