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DIEDRICH BADER (Frank Crane) was born in Alexandria, Virginia, but moved to Paris, France, with his family at age two. He returned to the United States for high school and attended North Carolina School of the Arts. During spring break, he was discovered by a casting director in Santa Fe, New Mexico. That meeting led to an audition for a small role in a pilot. Instead, Bader landed a starring role. Although the pilot wasn't picked up, Bader moved to Los Angeles and began auditioning for other roles.

After a number of years in Los Angeles playing small parts in "Cheers,” "Quantum Leap,” "21 Jump Street” and other shows, Bader received his break when director Penelope Spheeris cast him in a 1993 installment of the spoof show "Danger Theatre.” Shortly thereafter, Spheeris provided the actor with even greater exposure when she cast Bader as Jethro (and sister Jethrine) in the feature film version of the 1960s sitcom, "The Beverly Hillbillies” (1993). In 1995, Bader was cast as Oswald, one of the lead's somewhat dim-witted friends, on the ABC sitcom "The Drew Carey Show.” Bader remained on the series through its final season in 2004.

Bader then landed roles in several feature films, most notably in the cult hit comedy "Office Space” (1999), "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back” (2001), "Eurotrip” (2004) – and in perhaps his most laughably loopy role, fitness guru Rex in the cult favorite "Napoleon Dynamite” (2004). Bader worked with directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer on "Meet the Spartans.”

Bader also developed a busy and lucrative side career as a voice actor, lending his distinctive tones to such animated series as "Pepper Ann,” Disney's "Hercules,” "The Simpsons,” "Baby Blues,” "Buzz Lightyear of the Star Command,” "Kim Possible,” "Batman Beyond” and "King of the Hill,” as well as the feature films "Ice Age” (2002) and "The Country Bears” (2002).

Diedrich currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife, actress Dulce Rogers.

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