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KEN JEONG (Daro) has established himself as the go-to character actor for today's hot comedies. In the summer of 2009, Jeong appeared as the Asian-mobster Mr Chow in the sleeper-hit comedy "The Hangover.” The film stayed at the top of the box-office two week-ends in a row, and to date has grossed $205 million at the domestic box office.

Since his feature film debut as the doctor in "Knocked Up” in 2007, Jeong has gone on to a number of memorable roles in a series of successful comedies. In 2008 Jeong received his first major role as the villain in "Role Models.” Taking on the role of King Argotron, Jeong acted opposite Paul Rudd, Seann William Scott and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. The film went on to gross over $90 million worldwide. The same year saw Jeong with bit parts in two other major comedies, "Pineapple Express” and "Step Brothers.” He has also been a series regular on the acclaimed television comedy "Community.”

Jeong earned his undergraduate degree at Duke University and went on to attain his medical degree at the University of North Carolina. He completed his Internal Medicine residence in New Orleans while developing his comedy act. In 1995, Jeong won the Big Easy Lay Off. The competition, which was judged by former NBC president Brandon Tartikoff and Improv founder Bud Friedman, turned out to be his big break, as Tartikoff and Friedman urged Jeong to head to Los Angeles.

Once in Los Angeles, Jeong began performing regularly at the Improv and Laugh Factory, and was seen on a number of television shows including "The Office,” "Entourage” and "MADtv.” It wasn't until his pivotal role as Dr. Kuni in "Knocked Up,” though, that Jeong solidified himself as a feature film comedian. In 2006 Jeong and fellow comedian Mike O'Connell left a mark on YouTube, in the video "Million Dollar Strong,” a spoof rap duo. Since its posting in 2006, the video has garnered over one million views, and Jeong and O'Connell have been tapped by MTV Films to write and star in the film version.

Jeong's most recent film appearances were in the comedies "All About Steve,” "The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard” "Couples Retreat,” "The Zookeeper” and "Despicable Me.”


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