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JENN PROSKE (Becca Crane) makes her feature film debut in VAMPIRES SUCK. In her role as Becca, the twenty-two year old Proske, with the guidance from her directors, opted to play the role seriously. She knew it was important to add her own comic timing and characterizations to play the role seriously and create a character that the audiences could root for. It was this mentality and showcase of ability that landed Proske the role over hundreds of other actresses.

In October 2009, Proske moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming an actor, and just a few months later, landed her first credit in VAMPIRES SUCK. While she may have found success quickly, Proske has been honing her craft for years. In May 2009, she graduated from the College of Fine Arts at Boston University with a BFA in Acting and Theater Arts. During that time, she performed in "Pope Joan” for the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival as well as Off Broadway at New World Stages. She also spent a semester studying in Australia and working for Sydney Theatre Company under the direction of Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton.

Born in Toronto, Canada, Proske moved to the U.S. at the age of four. She grew up in Orange County, California, where she became involved in local children's theatre productions. She continued acting through high school, and during her senior years she auditioned for conservatory acting programs at numerous colleges before making the decision to attend Boston University.

Proske is interested in criminal forensics and investigation, and completed part of a Masters in Criminal Justice degree at Boston University. Growing up, Proske participated in dance, theatre competitions and floral designing. She currently resides in Los Angeles.


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