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CHRISTIAN ALVART was born in 1974 near Frankfurt, Germany. He started making small Video and Super-8 Films with his friends in 1990. When he was 19 he became an editor and layout designer with the X-TRO Filmmagazin, soon working his way up to be editor-in-chief and even finally owning the special interest publication. In 1997 he decided to abandon his career as a film journalist and moved with his company Syrreal Entertainment to Berlin to start making his own films again. To get a glance at the world of "professional filmmaking” he started as a runner, soon working his way up again to be a 1st AD in two features within the same year.

In 1998 he'd written, produced and directed CURIOSITY & THE CAT, his first 35 mm feature film – a low budget thriller which had cost only 30,000 Dollars, yet was nominated for the Max-Ophuls-Award and the Prize of the Minister President of the State Saarland.

Alvart then worked as a writer for several German features and TV shows. In 2005 he debuted ANTIBODIES, his second work as a director. When it premiered at The AFI Film Festival he was named as one of "Five Directors To Watch.” The film also was invited to the Edinburgh Film Festival as well as Tribeca and many others.

He recently finished the sci-fi thriller PANDORUM for Constantin and Overture.


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