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Born in Washington, D.C., and raised in sunny Southern California, NICK LASHAWAY (Brandon) is best known as one of the hilarious health clinic teens in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. A versatile comedic and dramatic actor, Lashaway has been acting since he was just six years old.

In 1998, Lashaway debuted on television as the young Fox Mulder on the hit show The X-Files. Since then, he has acted in various television shows such as 8 Simple Rules…for Dating My Teenage Daughter and Life as We Know It in 2004.

Lashaway played the role of Shawn in the 2007 independent film American Fork, which was well received on the festival circuit. He was also part of the ensemble cast in the teen comedy Bag Boy, which follows a group of teens who compete at grocery bagging.

Lashaway has been a member of The Actors Studio since he was 19, where he trained full time. Living in Los Angeles, Lashaway spends most of his time working, but also enjoys sports such as biking and skateboarding.


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