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DAVID ANDREWS' (Scooter Libby) acting career has spanned 30 years in film, television and theater. He has worked for both Academy Award®-winning directors and student filmmakers in roles that run the gamut from priest to serial killer. His subtle talent and diversity have made him one of the most well respected actors in the business. Andrews is perhaps best known for his work in the films Terminator 3, Apollo 13, Wyatt Earp, Hannibal, Fight Club and the cult classic Cherry 2000. Andrews will be seen in the upcoming film The Conspirator.

He has starred as a regular in a number of television series, receiving an ACE nomination for his work in the A&E/BBC production "Pulaski: The TV Detective.” He has also starred in many television movies, made countless guest star appearances, and starred in the award-winning miniseries "From the Earth to the Moon” as astronaut Frank Borman. Andrews' can currently be seen in a recurring role on TV's "Drop Dead Diva.”


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