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JAKE SCOTT (Director) has been directing commercials and music videos for more than 15 years. He gained early directorial prominence with REM's "Everybody Hurts,” which won multiple MTV awards, a Grammy Award® nomination and was inducted in the MVPA Hall of Fame in 2005. Scott has also directed highly acclaimed videos for U2, No Doubt, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, The Strokes, George Michael, Lily Allen and Massive Attack. Scott has two videos on MTV's "100 Best Videos of All Time” list.

In 2003, Scott won an Emmy for Best Commercial in addition to receiving three AICP awards and an ANDY for his work on Nike's "Move.” In 2005, he won a Silver Lion in Cannes for his work with Adidas in addition to two CLIO Awards for the same brand spot. That same year, Scott was nominated for a Grammy for Best Music Video with George Michaels' "Flawless.” He received three AICP awards for his work on Nike's "Magnet.” In 2008, his work on HBO's "Voyeur” campaign won him a Grand Prix and a Cyber Lion at Cannes.

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