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TI LUNG (Saddest Flute) has a reputation for being very serious about his craft and is one of the most respected actors working in Hong Kong today. He received the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 2000 Hong Kong Film Awards for his role in 1999's The Kid, starring Leslie Cheung and directed by Jacob Cheung Chi-Leung. Ti has been married to wife To Man-Ming for many years and their son Shaun Tam Jun-Yin is beginning his own acting career in Taiwan.

Ti was born in 1946 in Hong Kong and began studying Wing Chun under Master Chu Wan. In 1969, at the age of 23, he appeared with Jimmy Wang Yu in Chang Cheh's Return of the One-Armed Swordsman for Shaw Bros. Studios. The studio saw potential in the earnest young man and trained him in the arts of swordplay, acting and horseback riding.

The investment paid off, as Ti's relationship with Shaw Bros. remained fruitful for many years to come. Ti went on to become one of the studio's top kung fu stars alongside frequent co-star David Chiang in many of Chang Cheh's epic films, including Blood Brothers and Five Masters of Death.

After the demise of Shaw Studios, Ti made a few films in Taiwan and then returned to Hong Kong in the ‘80s with a role in John Woo's classic A Better Tomorrow.


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