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DAVID LICKLEY (Director) is a scientist-turned-filmmaker with a Masters Degree in Biology from the University of Alberta and over 30 nature films and science documentaries to his credit. Director of Large Format Films at internationally renowned science center, Science North, in Sudbury, Ontario, Lickley's interest in natural history has led to a strong conservation ethic in many of his films and a desire to bring wildlife subjects to a wider audience through the IMAX medium. He is currently developing several new projects for IMAX theatres, including "Polar Quest,” "Penguins to the Max 3D” and "Wild China – Land of the Panda.”

Lickley produced and directed his first film for IMAX theatres, "Gold Fever,” in 1999, followed by "Bears” in 2001 and "Jane Goodall's Wild Chimpanzees” in 2002, which received the Best Film for Lifelong Learning from the Giant Screen Cinema Association. In 2008, he produced and directed "Mysteries of the Great Lakes,” which won Grand Remi Best of Show at the Houston International Film Festival.

His television projects include producing/writing/directing for CBC TV's long running science series "Wonderstuck,” as well as directing various "Profiles of Nature Series” programs, including "The Bald Eagle” and "Ground Squirrels” and several projects for CBC's "The Nature of Things Series,” including "The Colombian Ground Squirrel” and "The Vancouver Island Marmot.” He also produced, directed and co-wrote the 1993 multi media play and TV documentary about the naturalist Grey Owl, "One Green Leaf.”

In addition, Lickley has created many Object Theatres for museums, including "Shark Attack!”; "The Music Of Sound”; "Your Amazing Brain”; "The Sudbury Mining Show”; "Secrets of the Sun”; and, most recently, "Legends of the Lakes,” which debuted at Science North in 2010.

Science North also debuted Lickley's first large format film in 1992, a 3D 70mm film and laser show called "Shooting Star,” which told the story of the Earth's evolution through the eyes of a young native girl. In 2004, he wrote and directed a 4D adventure ride for Science North, "Wings Over the North,” and is currently in production on the sequel "Wildfire 4D.”


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